Poor man’s tale

The green light on that lonely shore Of the Great Gatsby, a man so poor. To see the light.... is all we hope for. -CSAA  


Happy Birthday 

The starlit night Once cold and windy Now loses the fight That tore inside That starlit night Once cold and windy Now warms my heart To heal inside -SA


Come back light, Tell me where you are. You are beautiful in every way, Why did you have to go away. In remembrance of you, I light this fuel. To blaze abright, Against the dark. -SA

A close

The curtain call has sounded, The actors bow and take their leave. One more final act to play, But this time without a stage. The journey has come to a close, A resounding applause from all. Once more a memory, In the collective art of prose. -SA


Breathe out the bonds you made, Breathe out the control of fate. Breathe out your mistakes, Breathe out with haste. To finally move as the clouds. That is what, I wish to do. -SA


Whenever you forget, Remember That the world is waiting For you to change it. Feel comfort in knowing That the ones who matter, Will always be there. In your memories, And in your dreams. So remember. Like an echo resonating Through the halls of your heart. With each open doorway Leading to another memory. Remember.…


Growth is life's partner, Gregariously pushing and sustaining each other. Warming our hearts and loosening the strings, That bind our sullen wings. Growth is the cold airy whisperer in the night, The long-awaiting wanderer in the day. We grow stumbling on our crippling intelligence. Breaking the inconsistencies, Of our crystallized memories. So grow with a purpose.…


Another word for time. We are all rhythms, One continuous beat under the stars. Feeling, living, and dying. A circle that neither begins nor ends, But just is. A synchronous beat with the past, Oscillating till cessation. That is, We are a rhythm, among rhythms. -SA    


When your days are darkest, And  you feel the cold rain slide across your skin. Look up into the sky and see the rising sun, See the birds set free, See it all. Then embrace the light, Feel the warm rays of the sun Caress your skin in pulsating waves. Look forward, Trusting your feet…

“The Ghost Of Tom Joad”-Bruce Springsteen

**To be heard, not read. "The Ghost Of Tom Joad" Men walkin' 'long the railroad tracks Goin' someplace there's no goin' back Highway patrol choppers comin' up over the ridge Hot soup on a campfire under the bridge Shelter line stretchin' 'round the corner Welcome to the new world order Families sleepin' in their cars…